10 Things I’ve Learned in 2016

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After a slightly hellish year, it’s sort of hard to sit down and take stock of all those “lessons” you’re supposed to acknowledge. It’s really easy to look back on the year and see what I like to refer to as “a bunch of bullshit,” but doesn’t it always feel better at the end of the year to sit down and look at your accomplishments? In my effort to stay positive, that is exactly what I’m going to try to do now.

1 – Sometimes it really feels like you can’t do things, but you definitely can. Things that seemed like dreams can be made reality, but they have to be those things that you are capable of doing. You can’t make dreams that somebody else is going to save you. You have to save yourself. But you can be saved.

2 – Sometimes you need to ask people for help, and that does not make you a failure.

3 – I learn this every year. There are no signs. If it’s not happening, it’s not happening for a reason. Move on already.

4 – Don’t feel bad because things are not on track. The nature of life is such that there isn’t a track.

5 – A scarf can be your best friend on a bad day.

6 – Don’t be afraid to sit in pubs alone. Some of your favorite days are the ones you did that.

7 – Eat every new food you come across. There is so much more out there than you even know of.

8 – The train is a fantastic and amazing thing, more so in Europe than back home.

9 – In comparison to everything else, you are doing so much better today than you were last year. You might feel worse, but that’s only because there are always growing pains.

10 – It’s really easy to feel that you aren’t good enough, especially today. But that’s okay. Most people who think this way won’t be in your life much longer anyway.

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