Six Feet Under Recap – The Will (Season 1, Episode 2)

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We open this episode with our first (non-Fisher) death. Chandler Swanson, who looks a bit like John Travolta, is trying to sell some scammy idea called Beauty Vision to his friends at some pool party. His wife is trying to explain the idea to her friends, but it’s really just some confusing pyramid scheme. All I’ve got so far is that it’s “a way of seeing the world without fear.” Somehow, this statement convinces a guy to sign up for a franchise for $45,000. Then, Lorena from True Blood tells Chandler’s wife how gorgeous this guy is, but I don’t really get it.

So, Chandler dives into the pool, and his wife turns to the other ladies and boasts that he spends an hour on the Stairmaster every day. Chandler doesn’t pop back up, and we are treated to a view of his bloody head just asĀ  Dean Martin sings, “Ain’t that a kick in the head?” Goodbye, Chandler.

David and Keith are snuggling in bed and we hear a lot of slurpy kisses before David realizes that his dad is actually watching all of this go down. Silly me, it’s just David’s vision of Nathaniel. Oh wait, it’s just a dream.

So, the Fishers are going to the reading of Nathaniel’s will.

Then, Nate is getting a shiatsu massage from Brenda (that’s not a euphemism), and she’s trying to figure out where he’s “wounded.” Nate and David both show up at home and have more tension. But it’s okay, because Nate brought some produce over that hurts Ruth’s feelings.

David talks to Chandler’s widow, who describes her late husband as “dynamic.” She also says he drives the “biggest, fastest” BMW. David convinces her to spend $9,000 on a casket.

The reading of the will is next. Fisher & Sons goes to both David and Nate. What a surprise! Ruth gets all the cash, and Claire gets her college paid for. Everybody wins, right? Wrong. Nobody is happy, least of all Claire. She describes having a trust as “blackmail beyond the grave.”

David sends Nate on an errand to pick up a body since Rico can’t do it, which doesn’t really make much sense because Rico goes with him anyway.

We see Claire’s meth party date, Gabe, again. He asks her to a “thing.”

So Nate and Rico are at the nursing home transferring a body onto a gurney, and we get a really gross shot of a penis out of nowhere. Nate goes out to lunch with Brenda, all while that body is still in the back of his van.

Oh snap! Chandler’s wife is actually broke. Apparently, Beauty Vision never did anybody any good.

Oh snap, again! Ruth tells the boys to stop bickering and David throws in an, “Oh yeah, well I don’t like you sleeping with hairdressers.” He gets slapped.

Claire and Gabe are sitting in her hearse, smoking. Things get a little frisky and she sucks his toe.

Ruth decides to go hiking with her hairdresser friend. She tells him that their relationship feels like something on a “sex channel.” Later, Ruth walks in to the slumber room and sees Mrs. Swanson prying the watch off her dead husband’s wrist. She’s angry, and rightfully so.

Nate is tasked with telling Mrs. Swanson that she’s in debt and can’t afford a funeral. He offers to rent her a casket, which is definitely not legal.

David’s ex-fiance, Jennifer, shows up at the door. They go out to dinner, and Keith shows up and talks to Nate. There’s some innuendo. At dinner, David learns that his dad knew he was gay. David is rude and drunk. He shows up at Keith’s, who is mad that David lied to him about where he went.

Back at Brenda’s, Nate shows up. They start making out on the floor, but then Nate sees a tattoo of his name on Brenda’s back. Brenda continues to be all mysterious.

Ruth randomly asks Claire if she has an eating disorder because she wants raspberries instead of carbs.

Nate decides to try and sell a used casket to some really gross, rude guy. David and Rico are both mad. Later, Nate talks to the guy who keeps trying to buy out the business in the cemetery. Because apparently this guy, in his suit, followed Nate on his run?

Brenda has Nate and David meet her. She literally steps off the bus that hit their father’s car. She apparently thinks it’s going to be a cathartic experience, and I guess it is. But isn’t that a risky move? IRL, this would have been a terrible thing to pull off. I agree with Nate, but David seems to benefit from it. So, who am I?

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