My Stream of Conscious Thoughts Watching Twin Peaks (Season 3, Episode 5)

Posted on June 5, 2017 in
  • I actually thought the headline joke was kinda funny.
  • Gross. This was not a good episode for eating pasta.
  • This jail scene with Dark Cooper looking into the mirror is creepy.
  • Is this interviewer guy the dude from Kroehner in Six Feet Under? (I have since realized it is, and in fact this is Mike.)
  • I’m really happy we’re back in Twin Peaks.
  • “Dwight’s got diarrhea and the twins are coming this weekend.” I love this line from Sheriff Truman’s wife.
  • This kid ended up with the name Sunny Jim or Sonny Jim. Both are unfortunate.
  • I appreciate Naomi Watts in this role.
  • Like, Dougie’s spoken to numerous people and nobody realizes he desperately needs help? He’s ill! Help him.
  • The lingering shot on the car stopped in the road in the housing development is really unsettling.
  • The old Twin Peaks feels like a character inside of this show in itself.
  • Jade was a lot nicer about giving Dougie two rides than Naomi Watts.
  • Kyle is really good as Dougie, but I miss Cooper.
  • Dougie is really a man after my own heart with all his coffee shenanigans.
  • Dougie’s boss is a real ass.
  • The punching sound effects are pretty disgusting.
  • Poor Cooper/Dougie is gathering enemies each day.
  • The RR! Norma! Shelly! Amanda Seyfried! So much all at once!
  • Of course this is Shelly’s daughter.
  • Put on your seatbelt Amanda!
  • I feel that I like these episodes now, but in the future I will probably skip through them. I really miss Cooper.
  • The shot of Jacoby’s trailer is sort of beautiful.
  • It makes sense somehow that Jacoby is the Alex Jones of the Twin Peaks.
  • You can totally tell that is David Lynch’s kid on stage.
  • This kid smoking looks like the new James.
  • Wow, he’s worse than James, which is unexpected.
  • While I am so glad that they didn’t cheese up Tammy’s scene with some sort of fingerprint analysis, it’s sort of silly they’ve taken a still of Cooper that’s obvi from the show.
  • Dark Cooper’s phone call freaked me out.
  • And this Buenos Aires scene has me freaked out more.
  • Wow, what an episode.

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